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Good city of charm shine

Date: 2013-07-22

Every Monday in Xinxiang City District Executive Plaza could be seen on such a special group of people, they are riding a bicycle, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood to here as a starting point for the city's Square Garden supervision - they are stuckyears of compulsory environmental inspection teams of players.

Xinxiang sugar alcohol Corporation general manager, volunteer brigade inspector Rui Shi honorary captain told reporters buy, obligations inspectors brigade has been established for eight years, nearly 2,000 volunteer inspectors, including deputies, model workers, mostlyUnits of retired cadres.As long as the "civilized", "virtue" related to what litter, graffiti, noise pollution and so are their oversight of the object.In addition to inspectors, they also organize volunteer labor, maintenance, appearance of the city.According to rough statistics, they have more than 800 volunteer picking up street garbage bags, cleared more than 8,000 pieces of small ads, etc..

Not a penny of compensation, why these people actively and enthusiastically voluntary?Retired cadres Qinkai Shi answered only one sentence: "We have the city as their home."

The masses are the main body of civic morality

"The masses are the main body of civic morality, but also the deep soil Civic Morality Without broad participation of the masses, morality like a river without water, without trees, therefore, to mobilize the widest popular participation is the key to building moralthe move. "Xinxiang Municipal Committee Li Qinggui said.

In recent years, Xinxiang City in order to enhance the quality of engineering and civic morality national civilized city created as a starting point to learn from Lei Feng activities to promote the normalization and standardization of voluntary service activities as a carrier, "happiness Xinxiang" construction as the theme, through innovative forms of activities to expandactivities of the carrier, eclectic, lively carry out civic morality, and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, effectively promoting the civic and moral quality improvement.

Xinxiang Municipal Committee, Publicity Minister Zhao Yan said, Xinxiang insisted the city launched "Monthly Review, Quarterly Review of ten good" campaign, has been the emergence of a rich moral typical characteristics of the times more than 100 people, gave a total of more than 1,200 pieces of good deeds, resulting in a broad and far-reaching social implications.

Recommended by layers of bottom-up principle, Xinxiang city is also extensively carried out "one hundred civilized people", "Ten civilized people pacesetter," "Top Ten People moved Xinxiang," "graced Xinxiang newsmaker", "Xinxiang CityTen dutiful son, "" Ten Outstanding People, "" Top Ten heroes, "" Top Ten elite, "" Ten Outstanding Contributor "," practicing the spirit of the city typical character "," one hundred civilized service demonstration window ""one hundred civilized service model" and other types of invasive assessment activities, through the people around, things around to educate the masses, through the selection of activities to create a learning advanced, advanced rush to do an advanced social environment to promote the formation of good morality.

"Refinement of good at music."In recent years, Xinxiang City, also calligraphy, literature, theater, reading and other art forms as the carrier, have organized a group of famous Xinxiang advanced calligraphy exhibition, my mind morality - Mobile thumb literary contest, the modern opera tour "Spring Taihang"Makino wind - Songs classic reading and other activities to the general public, especially young people for Chinese traditional moral and cultural education to good effect.

2013, Xinxiang start organized a "beautiful Xinxiang man" contest, in order to "look around good guy, concerns around good pass around True Love" as the theme, selection of activities, and vigorously implement the "quality of the public works" to carry out a series ofideological and moral education activities, a strong impetus to the work of civilized cities to the deep level.

To make virtuous person often, virtuous person has "get", Xinxiang City, the introduction of relevant policies, the establishment of long-term mechanism from twinning forms, helping object, helping standard, helping process, assessment methods, etc. weredetailed planning.The twinning work into the whole process of spiritual civilization,

Into civilized villages, civilized units, civilized industry, civilization and other civilizations series county appraisal assessment and accountability annual evaluation of spiritual civilization, and levels of accountability.

Virtue is its own reward

Xinxiang people continuing to shape a new era of moral practice public spirit; Xinxiang human moral practice and also let them in the process of creating a civilized city to enjoy the virtues bring their own happiness and pleasure.

Nearly half a century, virtue Xinxiang, bright stars.Shi Laihe, Wu India, Liu Zhihua, Zheng and, Rong lock, Geng Rui first, Peichun Liang, Liangxiu Chang, Xu Fuqing, Fanqing Rong, Fan Haitao ...... a string of flash names, like collections of pearl, shining, warm, inspired Makino earth.A typical is a book, visible and tangible; a classic is a flag, tree example, refers to the orientation.In these exemplary figures under the guidance of a large number of advanced models in Makino earth blowout out: there are more than 1,000 county and township levels, more than 100 municipal, provincial, national 17.

In addition to advanced models, among the ordinary people, Xinxiang moral example are endless - this year, June 11, at placanticline, a girl unfortunately fall into the Yellow River, facing danger, the net worth of millions of 80 cents after the guy child Wei Jiebiaodo not hesitate to jump into the waves rolling into, risking the drowning girl rescued.Face of reward and recognition, and he did not hesitate to donate a prize 20,000 yuan courageous 16-year-old girl suffering from bone cancer.There are honest and trustworthy Li Guohua, Shi Rui respecting Star buy, good people around Lijiang Fu, Outstanding Young Wang Yishuo, dedication SUN Cong China, Environmental Protection Ambassador Tian Guirong, crawling mother Ren Shaoyun, campus Daughters Zhumeng Meng, Dr. Zhang Ji-long stay ...... Since May 2008May the Central Civilization Office Organizer "I recommend, I comment around good activity" since the start of Xinxiang City, a total of 32 people boarded the "China good list."Among them, six helpfulness good, honest and trustworthy good five people, dedication good 6 people, filial love the old pro good 5 people, 10 people were courageous and good people.

Long-term follow-up study of advanced group phenomenon Xinxiang Zhang Jingmin experts say: a city together so many moral model, a city launched so many advanced models, which is a pride of the city, is enough to illustrate this is a good city, the city of happiness, Charm City.