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Scenic mountains and by the Su Baiquan Lake composition. Su Taihang Mountain is an offshoot, is ten thousand mountains eastward to where the roots of the formation of a mountain. The Taihang Mountains in the Road River mountains of rock crevices along the sutural million squeezed from the east, to the Dasu Hermon, from the mountains south of the stone up the sky and sinus spray to form Baiquan this rippling lake. The mountains of water, cross ...[Detail]

Located 60 km northwest of Huixian the Baoquan trench, its steep mountains, ravines horizon; Qifeng rocks, lifelike statues, springs and waterfalls falling off white; deep valley quiet, unpredictable; Zhu Jing atmosphere, beautiful landscape . Is a water recreation, Probes trench, a beautiful environment, visit the summer paradise on earth. The main attractions are: Baoquan Lake, Dragon King Temple, Erlongxizhu, Tantou Falls, Xigou four ...[Detail]

Fengqiu County is located in Xinxiang City Caogang Xiang, with a total area of 6,000 acres, is Henan, Shandong Yellow River';s largest lake a natural, not dry off after two hundred years, known for known for quiet and elegant. [Detail]

Located 13 kilometers north of Xinxiang City, is located in the suburbs. Was excavated, but its unique landscapes. Spring election within the rock cliffs above the stone steps, strategically located outside the frame to ladders; bridge with springs, river side of the road, winding streets. 1974 to 1975, there have been seventeen heads of state, delegations from 130 countries and regions Linquan visit, spoke highly of the Masterpieces miracle. ...[Detail]

In the urban area thirty kilometers west of the Taihang Mountains, the built in Tang Dynasty and flourished in Ming and Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong south for inspection, hand the title of "cloud free" of the plaque and famous. Antique gate, the Buddha Hall, Main Hall, the Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture; Song Ocean five hundred monument, the provincial key cultural relics protection units, Foguangpuzhao ZMSS pagoda, embossed fine, life, ...[Detail]

Existing Bigan Temple, the Ming Dynasty Hongzhi seven years (AD 1494) built by Emperor Hsiao Tsung, the temple is the tomb of one of the important buildings, is the first person with Muji Temple, known as the "First Temple . " Is a national key cultural relics protection units. The temple Hong Chang, simple and spectacular. The main building by a Shinto temple, screen wall, gate, two doors, Beilang, wood workshops, side hall, hall, etc., with a ...[Detail]

In Hui (former Jixian) Dongbei Yu. Ming Dynasty (1573-1620) Jane Wang Zhu Yi Liu Lu built. Height of 25 meters from east to west 35 meters, 19 meters north and south, masonry structure, no beam no rafters, wall mounting with built Whitehead, the provision of two mountains with one stone coupons door for people up and down. Assemble the first layer of cross-arch, surrounded by open the door, from the east and west sides can be direct to the roof ...[Detail]

Located 5 km north of the city full of Changyuan material Township School Village East, 1978 announced the county heritage conservation units. According to "spot" carries: "Formerly employed among the nations and the four disciples of Confucius (Zi Lu, has clarity, Ran You, the public West) chord chant here, twenty years before school gang." Future generations in the post on the temple, as a memento. The temple was built in the Han, Tang, Song ...[Detail]

Million by the Chinese Movie Village scenic mountains Guo Liang Village, Nanping Township quiet, Miss Luo Fairyland Village, Taoist shrines Zijingshan four scenic composition. Major landscape Grand Canyon Red Rock cliffs, video village, cliffs promenade, Heavenly Lake, Lotus basin, Bailong, shouting spring, sun and moon rock stars, Black Dragon Pool Waterfall, Wufengshan Lin, Huanglong Cave, grinding Jianfeng Luo sister Walled , Sun Bin Quan, ...[Detail]

Located in Walker County. The Hill (altar) for the previous years rate of army to attack King Wu of Zhou, in the business of pre-war rural Makino swearing at the Union station, soldiers holding historical records for the princes of the soil cover, that is, "Shang Shumu oath" Mushi contained in the , but is also Wuwang Jun Makino war at the only existing evidence on the ground. Layer rich in its culture, the Longshan culture to Shangzhouwenhua ...[Detail]