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New Century Grand Hotel Xinxiang inaugural tournament Kara OK

Date: 2012-07-03

Happy New Century is a creation of the enterprise, she is committed to making every customer and employees enjoy a high quality of life, and from happy.June 30, to promote positive Kaiyuan corporate culture, enrich their leisure life, show personality, Xinxiang Century Grand Hotel "ignite passion, beyond the self" Kara OK inaugural tournament final at New Century Hall splendid performance.

Ambilight lighting, CLS gorgeous stage, the stage of the 22 players (combined) are pre-selected out of the preliminaries of the elite, the scene is a "star" shining light.The event also invited the leadership of Xinxiang City Tourism Bureau as the competition's judges with feelings of Kaiyuan unique culture.After a well-dressed players on the stage reveals the charm of its own, with the sweet voice and intense dance to impress the judges and the audience each and every scene.

Hot dance "Fire beauty" as the opening scene caused a boil, the next game is exciting again and again.Housekeeping Ru Hua Kui give the "bragging", exceptional food and beverage department is to bring the "believe in yourself," Front Office Rui Qiao to give the "freedom to fly" and other songs heroic heated the atmosphere to a climax, the Finance Ministry Cui Jianfeng brings "I really love you" is touched by the scene every audience, but also won the favor of the judges, won the first game
Scene in addition melodious singing, each departmental staff group for everyone to show the wonderful program is a unique landscape, brought by the Front Office "ShowTime", creative marketing programs "find shadow", recreation department "SportsStar "and the catering department of large youth drama" Blue Youth "win-site judges and the audience alike, won the team competition were the top three.

Finally, the hotel general manager and department director Kim root manager for live audiences a "better tomorrow", Yu said the hotel is in a growth step by step, every employee will also be with the growth and development of hotel development,I believe the hotel and every employee of the future will be even better.

New Century Grand Hotel Xinxiang since the soft opening has been actively carry out various forms, and positive cultural activities, not only enrich the lives of employees, but also to employees in a rich cultural activities feel the warmth and joy to work harder to put intowork.