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23 March World Meteorological Day Xinxiang Municipal Meteorological Observatory will be open to the public

Date: 2013-03-23

March 23isWorld Meteorological Day, to welcome thearrival ofWorld Meteorological Day,March 23, Xinxiangcity observatoryandweather stationwill beopen to the public.

March 20, the reporterlearnedfromthe city'sBureau of Meteorology,the World MeteorologicalDay is approaching, in order tolet morepeopleunderstand theweather forecastof the production process,is located inChurch Streetinthe city observatorywill beday23 Marchopen to the public.Municipal MeteorologicalBureaustaff said,then,weather expertswill be on siteto explain toweatherthe production process.If youhave any questions,there will be ameteorological expertsexplain to you.

In addition,located in XinxiangCity,the eastern suburbs(Eastmura)ofXinxiangweatherwill beonthe morning ofMarch 23open to the public, open-fieldmeteorological observerswill haveto explainto everyone,makingweather forecastmeteorological informationisneededon how to collectthe.Want to understandthe ever-changinginscrutabledo?Weather forecasts arewonderinghow to makeout of it?Saturday, interestedmembers of the publicmay wishtolearnscientific knowledgenow!