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First Xinxiang Wheat Industry Expo will be held in mid-May in Yanjin County held

Date: 2013-03-15

furtherhighlight thewheatculture, bigger and stronger, doing fineso longwheateconomy, to build"China's firstwheat"brand, the firstXinxiangWheat IndustryExpowill be heldin mid-MayinYanjin Countyorganized.

Yanjinacross theYellow River, Haihetwobasins,abundant water resources, fertile land, the countyhigh-quality wheatplanting area of95acres,is the nationalcommodity grainbase counties, the nationalquality wheatproduction demonstrationbase counties.AsYanjinbiggestadvantages in resources,Yanjinwheatwith itshigh degree of consistencyandstability of quality,access to nationalcertifiedorganicwheat, won theEighthChinaInternational Agricultural Products FairGold Medal, becoming theMaotaiGroup's organicwheatraw material supply baseandlong-term"Master", "Daly Park," "Pan Pan" and otherwell-known brandsto provide raw materials.

Currently,the countyhas formedYanjinwheatTouyan, with newgoodcompany,Yanjin CountyKemingsurface industryCo., Ltd., Henangold particlesMaiCo.,Yunhecompaniesas the mainflour-pasta-pasta-Frozenfood andwine-packaging-printing-transporttwoflanksGoosechain-typedevelopment layout,buildfrom the fieldto the shop floorto the dining table, "the whole chain, the wholecycle," theindustrial chain,wheatindustry business modelknown throughout the country,wheat-basedfood processingresourceshas beenranked among the100 most competitiveindustrial clusters.

The fair willrely onwheatYanjinuniqueresource advantagesto the "wheatSociete Generale,ecological harmony" as the theme,adhering to the "Gengzhe profitfor theeaterbenefit" concept,further mobilize theenthusiasm for growing grain, improvewheat qualityimprove theefficiencyof wheat,wheatattract morebusinessmeninvolvedeconomic developmentslogan"China's firstwheat"brand, to achieveagricultural efficiencyand rural incomes, corporatebenefit,to further expandthe visibility ofXinxiang,Xinxiangto promotewell-beingand the Central Plainseconomic Zonestrong Cityconstruction.

It is reported thatduring the Expo,will be held"one hundredsnack street" showstasting events,like foodfriends, do not missthis rare opportunity.