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After April 1, Xinxiang operating ban charcoal grill 100

Date: 2013-04-11

Aftera yearwhen the weather isgetting warmer, large and smallbarbecuenight market stallswill begradually increasedup,many of which arecharcoalgrill.Blowingthe exhaustfan, thecarbonstallshavethickcolumn of smokerisingup toa few meters.Surroundingare filled withtens of metersthickandpungent, smokyflavor.Only pollute the environment, interfere withtheir normal lives,eating thesecharcoalgrilled food, but also seriouslyaffectthe health of consumers.To this end,after April 1,Xinxiangprohibit anyfood serviceunits and individualsengagedin the urban areascharcoalgrillmanagement.

To strengthenurbanmanagement, protection ofthe living environment,protection oflife and health, according to the"PRC AirPollution PreventionLaw," "Food Safety Law", "investigation againstunlicensedapproach", "cityappearance and environmentalsanitationin Henan Provincemanagement Regulations "implementingregulations, etc,Municipal Urban Management Bureau,Environmental Protection Bureau,Public Security Bureau,Trade and Industry Bureau, Health Bureau,Food and Drug Administrationjointly issued the"Convention on the Prohibitionnoticecharcoal grilloperating activities":April 1date,anyfood serviceunit or individual mayengageinXinxiangcitycharcoalgrilloperation;cateringunits and individualsengaged in thebarbecuebusiness, and should bemadeinaccordance with the law, "food service license" and "business license" before they canengage in business activities.Anylane,unlicensedoperation ofbarbecue, allbanned;There arestores, full licensebarbecueoperatorsshould useelectricity,gas and otherclean energyfor indooroperationand management,and to take effectivemeasures forpollution prevention.

Continue to be engagedafter 1 Aprilcharcoalbarbecuewill beurban management,environmental protection,industry and commerce,food and drug supervision, health,public security departmentsinvestigated and dealt withaccording to law.Impede, obstructlaw enforcement officersperforming their duties, the public securityorgansaccording to laworder punishment, the circumstances areserious enough to constitutea crime,be held criminally responsible.Toenhancepublicawareness offood safety, environmentalawareness andpublic oversightawareness, and activelyparticipate inremediation activities,supervision and reportingunscrupulousbusiness practicesoccupants